Items Priced Separately

Propane tanks

Television (CRTs)


$60 each

Altri Services will pick up your old unwanted propane tanks and bring them to the proper recycling facility.

Altri Services will pick up your old televisions and bring them to the proper recycling facility.

Older Televisions and Computer Monitors main component is a Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) which contains hazardous materials such as lead that are harmful to the environment. For this reason they may not be taken to a landfill or regular disposal facility and must be recycled.

How — and why — to dispose of your old TV properly

Mattress and Box Spring Disposal & Recycling

Mattress disposal
Box spring disposal
Mattress recycling

$95 each piece

Altri Services will pick up your old unwanted mattresses and box springs and bring them to the proper recycling facility.

  • Mattress materials are often not biodegradable, so they spend decades and even centuries taking up space.
  • Their large, heavy-duty frames can damage expensive equipment.
  • Chemicals in some materials can leach out into the surrounding soil and groundwater

Mattress Recycling/mass.gov

Car & Truck Tires

Tire disposal
Tire recycling

$25-$35 each

Altri Services will pick up your old unwanted car & truck tires and bring them to the proper recycling facility

Did You Know:
• About one scrap tire per person in the United States is generated every year.
• Over six million tires are disposed of in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts
each year.
• A pile of whole or shredded tires in Massachusetts is considered to be a
“dumping ground” and requires a site assignment from the local Board of Health and a permit from the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection.
• Tires that are chipped or shredded can be used for a variety of other purposes when approved by the MassDEP.
Why are waste tire piles a problem?
Stockpiles of waste tires can cause safety and health problems.
Although tires are difficult to ignite, once they are lit the fire is almost impossible to extinguish. Fumes from burning tires can affect nearby residents and firefighters in a variety of short- and long-term ways, ranging from irritation of the skin, eyes, and mucous membranes; central nervous system effects; depression; respiratory effects; and cancer.
Fire also melts the rubber in tires and generates oil (called “pyrolytic oil”) that can pollute the ground and surface water. Concentrations of metals (such as iron, zinc, tin and aluminum) in the ash residue from tire fires may be high, and they can contaminate surface and ground water if not properly handled. Therefore, these residues are often classified as hazardous wastes. Cleanup of tire fire sites is frequently difficult and expensive. Rainwater collected inside tires provides a breeding ground for mosquitoes, which transmit illnesses, including West Nile virus and encephalitis.

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