Dumpster Rental Process

Scheduling Rental

  1. Fill out and send Dumpster Rental Request Form
Dumpster Rental Form
  1. Receive call back/ text to confirm drop off scheduling.
  2. Once drop off scheduling is confirmed, you will receive a Dumpster Rental Contract and Dumpster Rental Invoice by email.
  3. Read Terms and Conditions in the Dumpster Rental Contract and electronically initial and sign.
  4. Pay Dumpster Rental Invoice. Dumpster Rental Invoice includes the Dumpster Rental Fee and the Overage Deposit. You will pay the full amount. Unused portion of the Overage Deposit will be refunded at the closing of the Dumpster Rental Contract.
  5. Dumpster will be dropped off in a level driveway or area. If requesting a street drop off, please supply us with a copy of the necessary obtained permits.
  6. Fill Dumpster. Do not fill above the Dumpster rails. Do not obstruct the Dumpster. Do not fill with any items or materials from the prohibited list.
  7. Call/ text / email to schedule pickup at least 24 hours in advance.
  8. Dumpster will be picked up and taken to the Disposal Facility. Once the weight has been determined, Dumpster Rental Contract will be closed and any unused portions of the Overage Deposit will be refunded.
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