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Recent Renovations?

Need to get rid of the remodeling waste? We get it and we are here to help. We have been providing professional, expedient and cost effective Construction Debris Disposal and Removal solutions to our customers in Revere and all along the North Shore and the cities and towns north of Boston since 2001. 

So if you have ceramic tile scraps, drywall scraps, plaster rubble, vinyl siding remnants or lumber remnants, fill out the Construction Debris Disposal form below and a member of our team will contact you to discuss your project.

Construction Debris Disposal and Removal Request Form

General Pricing Guidelines
(curbside construction debris)

Construction Debris Disposal and Removal Pricing Guideline chart

Please note: This chart represents a general guideline to our curbside pricing for construction debris. Factors such as denser materials like plaster or concrete will have an affect on price as well as laborious or time consuming tasks such as retrieving items from a second floor or attic. In all instances we will provide you with an upfront quote before we begin. Also, mattresses, box springs, car and truck tires and propane tanks are charged separately.

What do we take?

  • Construction Debris
    • Renovation & Remodeling waste
    • Floor, Wall & Ceiling tile
    • Wood flooring
    • Sheetrock or drywall
    • Vinyl siding
    • toilets
    • Bathroom Vanities
    • Countertops & Cabinets
    • Doors & Windows
    • Plaster
    • Paint cans (limited amounts)
    • Decking
    • Fencing
    • Carpeting
    • Ceramic Tile
  • Furniture
    • Couches, Loveseats & Sectionals
    • Chairs (Dining Room, Kitchen, Living Room etc.)
    • Bedroom Bureaus & Dressers
    • Entertainment Centers
    • Curios
    • Hutches
    • Tables
    • Armoires
    • Patio Furniture
    • Bed Frames
    • Rugs
    • Lamps & Chandeliers
  • Household Trash
    • Clothing
    • Toys
    • Storage Bins
    • Cat trees
    • Picture frames
    • Dishes
  • Yard Waste
    • Tree Branches
    • Grass Clippings
    • Mulch
    • Leaves
    • Brush

What don’t we take?

  • Large amounts of Paint
  • Oil
  • Hazardous Waste
  • Acetylene Tanks
  • Any gaseous or liquid filled tanks
  • Gasoline

Priced separately

  • Mattresses
  • Box Springs
  • Propane Tanks
  • Car Tires
  • Truck Tires
  • Asphalt
  • Cement
  • Roofing Shingles

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“Construction debris”: Items and waste produced and accumulated as a result of building construction, demolition, renovation, repairs, and or activities related to any of the foregoing, notwithstanding that such activity occurs at a residential property, and as such is not considered residential trash and not eligible to be collected at any time either during curbside collection or dropoff at the city yard. Construction debris includes, but is not limited to, sheet rock, blue board, lumber, sinks, toilets, cabinets, paneling, storm doors, storm windows, doors, wood, sliding doors, power equipment, hand held equipment, rugs and carpeting

External inks:
Two Guys and a Truck Junk Removal
Frequently Asked Questions About the Massachusetts Construction and Demolition Materials Waste Bans June 2020
Waste & Recycling Laws & Rules
Republic Services

Illegal Dumping: The Causes/reasons, Effects, Consequences and Solutions

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fact sheet
Your Municipality and Waste Ban Compliance

What is the purpose of the waste bans?

Waste bans are prohibitions on the disposal and transfer for disposal of certain toxic and/or recyclable items (see “Summary” sidebar and reverse). Waste bans are intended to encourage reuse and/or recycling of certain waste materials, conserve disposal capacity, and reduce adverse environmental impacts from waste materials containing toxic substances.

What is DEP’s waste ban compliance strategy?

MassDEP has an equitable two­pronged approach to compliance and enforcement of the waste bans. This strategy holds all parties responsible for waste ban compliance, including solid waste facility operators, haulers and generators of solid waste. Where necessary, MassDEP pursues enforcement actions against facilities, haulers and waste generators that violate waste bans.
· MassDEP reviews and approves solid waste facility waste ban compliance plans and inspects solid waste facilities to ensure they are in compliance with monitoring, inspections, record­ keeping, signage, and other facility waste ban requirements.
· MassDEP conducts inspections at solid waste facilities to identify haulers and generators (businesses, institutions, municipalities, etc.) that dispose of banned materials.
What Do Municipalities Need to Know?
· As solid waste facility operators, municipalities that operate landfills and transfer
stations must maintain and comply with their waste ban plan.
· As service providers to residents, municipalities that collect solid waste and/or contract for collection service, must also comply with waste bans. Municipalities can demonstrate compliance with the waste bans by complying with Department Approved Recycling Program (DARP). However, cities and towns with DARP status that repeatedly dispose of excessive amounts of banned materials may lose their DARP status and be at risk of enforcement. MassDEP will work with interested non­DARP cities and towns to improve their recycling and composting programs and obtain DARP status.
· As generators of solid waste, municipalities need to ensure that banned materials are separated from trash at their municipal offices and facilities, including schools, town halls, and parks departments.
· As recycling program managers, municipal recycling officials can use waste ban enforcement to strengthen local recycling requirements and hold haulers responsible for recycling service.
Summary Waste Ban Regulations: 310CMR19.017
Prohibited Recyclable Materials: Glass, metal and plastic containers; paper, including cardboard; leaf and yard waste; As of 7/1/06: asphalt pavement, brick, concrete, metal and wood
Prohibited “zero­ tolerance” materials: Batteries, whole tires, white goods (large appliances), cathode ray tubes (TVs and computer monitors)
Why waste bans?
· Capture more
· Conserve
· Keep hazards
out of the environment
Fact Sheet: Your Municipality and Waste Ban Compliance · Page 1

Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection One Winter Street Boston, MA 02108­4746
Commonwealth of Massachusetts Mitt Romney, Governor
Executive Office of Environmental Affairs Stephen Pritchard, Secretary
Department of Environmental Protection Robert W. Golledge, Jr. Commissioner
Produced by the Bureau of Waste Prevention, February 2006. Printed on recycled paper.
This information is available in alternate format by calling our ADA Coordinator at (617) 574­6872.
Information on Waste Bans
· Current Materials Prohibited from disposal by 310 CMR 19.017
Glass Containers: glass bottles and jars (soda­lime glass) but excluding light bulbs, Pyrex cookware, plate glass, drinking glasses, windows, windshields and ceramics.
Metal Containers: aluminum, steel or bi­metal beverage and food containers.
Single Polymer Plastics: all narrow­neck plastic containers.
Recyclable Paper: all paper, cardboard, and paperboard products excluding tissue paper, toweling, paper plates and cups, wax­coated cardboard, and other low­grade paper products, which become unusable to paper mills as a result of normal intended use.
Yard Waste: grass clippings, weeds, garden materials, shrub trimmings, and brush 1″ or less in diameter (excluding diseased plants).
Leaves: deciduous and coniferous leaf deposition.
Batteries: lead­acid batteries used in motor vehicles or stationary applications.
White Goods: appliances employing electricity, oil, natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas to preserve or cook food; wash or dry clothing, cooking or kitchen utensils or related items. These typically include refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, clothes washers, clothes dryers, gas or electric ovens and ranges, and hot water heaters.
Whole Tires: motor vehicle tires of all types. Whole tires may be disposed at combustion facilities. Shredded tires (a tire which has been cut, sliced or ground into four or more pieces such that the circular form of the tire has been eliminated) are not prohibited.
Cathode Ray Tubes: any intact, broken, or processed glass tube used to provide the visual display in televisions, computer monitors and certain scientific instruments such as oscilloscopes.

· Additional Restricted Materials as of July 1, 2006

The following construction and demolition debris materials are prohibited from disposal:
· Asphalt Pavement, Brick and Concrete: asphalt pavement, brick and concrete from construction activities and demolition of buildings and similar sources.
· Metal
· Wood: Treated and untreated wood, including wood waste. Wood may be
disposed at combustion facilities.
Resources on Waste Bans

Waste ban information can be found on MassDEP’s web site at:



Customer Reviews

Andrew McCarthy 03/24/2022


All the guys were great and were done extremely fast. Will definitely use them again.

Demetri P. 12/31/2021

Mike did a great job on our house extension, patio and driveway demolition. Great price and fast.

Bruce B. 09/28/2021

A fantastic job cleaning out a hoarding disaster of our attic. They went above and beyond all that I expected them to do. A top notch job

KM. 06/16/2021

Mike was able to give me a price well ahead of time and stuck to it. These 2 guys expanded into 5 guys to deal quickly & efficiently with 40 years of stuff spread over 3 floors of my house. They were knowledgeable movers and were able to make large objects pass through narrow doorways and down stairs without causing damage to the 100 yr old woodwork.
The price was reasonable and the job was well done

C.M. 06/3/2021

Professional service and a quick turnaround. Texted them in the morning, 2 hours later all the junk is gone. Excellent service. Highly recommend and I will use them again.

John M. 5/10/2021

I called this service because my brother in Wakefield used them to remove some unwanted furniture, and recommended them highly.
I had a short time frame and was pleased to hear that the number goes directly to the owners cell phone, and I needed someone to come out the next day.. I gave them a call, and sure enough the owner answered, and when heard my story, he checked his schedule and was willing fit me in as the first stop of the day, even though his schedule was filled. They arrived first thing in the AM and took care of my difficult job ASAP. The owner came by helped and in two hours my problem was solved. The price was more than reasonable, and I would never hesitate to use them again. I recommend this co highly, and with no reservation.

Kristina P. 5/1/2021

We had to clear out a 2 bed 1 bath second story home after my uncle passed and these folks were great. They were not only on time…they were early. We got there after them (thanks, MBTA:). They were efficient, friendly, professional, and reasonably priced. If you need junk services don’t hesitate to use Altri services/Two Guys and a Truck Junk Removal. I don’t know what else to say because it is that straight forward. But some advice for those needing a whole home clean out…bag as much as you can on your own and they will take it away. Otherwise it will cost more. Just general advice. We added some photos…the last one features about 30 years of DUST in the after photo. Thanks again, guys! We appreciate you so much.

Gail H. 04/16/2021

Jim and Mike Jr. were very professional and removed all the items I needed at a fair price. They were efficient and friendly. I would definitely recommend this service. Also, Mike Sr. answered my call in person and was flexible in scheduling my job on short notice, even though it seemed that they had a lot of other jobs to juggle. This was really appreciated as I had to do an apartment cleanout so their speedy timing help got me through it all by my deadline.

Matt 03/31/2021

I called Mike up on a Monday morning about a room full of junk that needed to be cleaned out. The same afternoon, I had a group of 3-4 guys come by to assess and provided a very fair price. As soon as I accepted, they got to work. Very courteous and efficient. I’m extremely glad I reached out to (formerly Two Guys and a Truck Junk Removal) Altri Services and would absolutely use them again in the future or recommend to anyone in need of junk removal services. No tricks, gimmicks or hoops to jump through. Very easy experience. A+

Paul C. 03/17/2021

After reading the reviews, I called and engaged their services. They came when they said they would, removed a lot of cut and piled brush, plus cleaned up the area for a reasonable price. The service was great and we’re happy customers. Highly recommended!
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